Home Workouts | Should You Workout at Home?

Trapped at home with your gym membership on hold?

Guess now is a good time to sink those potato cheeks deep into the couch and binge watch Netflix. Am I right?

Heck No!

Just because there was a pandemic doesn't mean you need to turn into a lazy blob.

In fact, regular exercise can actually reduce your chances of getting sick.

When you move those buns, your body produces more antibodies and T-cells, which boosts immunity.

But how does someone start working out at home?

I asked a few coworkers what they're doing, and the results are in!

We're trying a few online fitness programs like Freeletics and Openfit (both around $10/month), plus Yoga with Adrienne (free on Youtube), and dog walking (free).

So, are you ready to start sweating from home?

The Pros of Home Workouts

home workouts

1. It's FREE

You're saving money every month! Yay! Plus, you can re-invest some of that mula into at-home gym equipment, protein powder, andelectrolyte drinks! 😆

2. It's Close By

Let's face it. Going to the gym is hard.

You have to get completely dressed, drive there - it's a kind of a headache.

No more! Look around you.

You're standing in your new gym. Clothes optional.

3. It's a Judgement Free Zone

Have you ever gone to a fitness class and half-assed your way through the whole thing.

It's the worst!

Everybody around you is poppin' and lockin', and you're wobbling around in the back like a giraffe on roller-skates.

No worries! Nobody needs to see that anymore.

4. Dogs

You walk them more – like every day! They're so stoked! You get an award for being the best dog owner. 🐕

The Cons of Home Workouts

home workouts

1. It's FREE 

We're talking zero commitment. Think about it.

2. It's Close By 

It's so familiar and comforting. You're surrounded by cozy couches, cushions, and beds. 😑

3. It's NOT a Judgement Free Zone 

Those judgy gym classmates of yours might be gone, but so are your gym friends that cheer you on.

The silence is deafening. Just your downstairs neighbor that can hear you prancing around at one o'clock in the morning.

Speaking for a friend... *cough*

4. Dogs 

Dogs are great for taking on walks, but they will hijack your yoga sessions!

It's cute at first when they do downward dog next to you, but when they start drooling and panting on top of you during savasana - you're over it. 😳

Hydrate Before You Die-Drate

Wherever you work-out, there's at least one thing that stays consistent!

You need to stay hydrated.

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