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Optimind Memory Electrolyte Mix

22 reviews

Lemonade | 32 Individual Packets

Optimind Memory uses patented ingredients for improved memory, along with clean caffeine - extracted from real coffee beans, nootropics, and five essential electrolytes to boost your hydration, memory, and energy*.

Get your mental game on 

Hydration + Mental acuity + energy

Are you having difficulty concentrating during the day? Is your sports drink letting you down? Then, look no further. Our blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and nootropics will replenish your fluids and boost your energy.

Feel alert, and hydrated, fast.

A powder packet that offers nootropics for brain power. And a great-tasting way to hydrate more effectively than sports drinks or water alone, with ingredients for improved mental sharpness

Imagine if your coffee had a brain ingredient that helps you get going, focus, and remember things. The future of water is here! 

75% of people are dehydrated
150% more Electrolytes than Gatorade
No sugar

"My brain power skyrockets with Optimind Lemonade! I can finally focus all the way through an exam, and my grades show it! Plus I still have enough energy to play some field hockey at the end of the day!"

Caroline Minor, Law Student

"It's gonna strenthen your focus. It's gonna increase your energy. Optimind gives you clarity - at its finest."

Bigg Jah, Celebrity Youtube Star

"OptiMind Lemonade has become part of my daily routine. It gives me vitality and enthusiasm to energize people with my ideas."

Mike Richmond, Entrepreneur

Boost your hydration and then some. 

Optimind uses patented ingredients for improved memory. Plus, clean caffeine - extracted from real coffee beans, nootropics, and five essential electrolytes to boost your hydration, memory, and energy.


Every flavor comes with an advanced blend of five electrolytes - calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, and potassium.

Clean Caffeine

Delivers the lift without the after-lag with 95 mg of clean caffeine from real coffee beans for natural energy.


If you like brain enhancing ingredients, you're in for a treat. Both flavors are packed with the most cutting-edge nootropics available.


Lemonadecomes with a clinically studied serving size of Cognizin - a patented super nootropic with clinically proven memory benefits

Vitamin B12

Energy, heart health, and brain health are just a few of the many scientifically studied benefits of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has been used to promote brain health, eye health, and boost your mood.

Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 22 Reviews
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    amy b.

    Tastes out really sweet..doesn't taste "healthy"

    Amazon C.
    Good mind focus

    Good taste not too sweet kind of like powdered lemonade. Does not get you shaky but alert!

    Rachel K.
    Great flavor! Feels hydrating and energizing

    I love this product at all times of the day but especially before a workout. I also live in Texas where its very hot in the summer and this product just feels so hydrating-- wayy better alternative to gatorade or other electrolyte drinks with tons of sugar and **** in them. I also love that the way it tastes. The lemon and mixed berry are my fav! Super convenient packaging to throw in your purse for day to day or while traveling.


    It tastes great. Gave me the energy boost I needed without the crash. Dissolved clear. No after taste. Great product.

    Steady focus and energy combined with increased hydration.

    I enjoyed the OptiMind Memory powder because it showed me how good it feels to experience a combination of increased focus, hydration and physical energy at the same time. This product did not cause me to feel dehydrated and experience a sharp sudden decrease in energy, compared to drinking coffee. I also like how I can drink a little of the product throughout the day, which extends it's value. I haven't needed more than one packet a day.