Productivity Tips | Is Happiness the Secret To Productivity?

If you're like me, you are interested in a quick fix for productivity.

One of my favorite productivity tips – a small adjustment here or there that instantly makes you faster, better, or stronger!

And, just like that, producing quality work regularly becomes effortless.

While productivity tips like the pomodoro technique and time blockingmay work wondersthey don't stand a chance against our emotions.

Think about it. Have you ever been super productive on a day when you feel down in the dumps?

Probably not.

Nootropics can help our brain work faster and more efficiently, but if you're really not "feeling it" than even the strongest nootropics can't help you be productive.

That's why new research into how our emotions affect productivity is so exciting!

Productivity Tip - Happiness is the New Cure?

One of the biggest productivity tips may be a powerful emotion: happiness.

According to a recent study, workers in a call center were more productive, stuck closer to their workflow schedule, and converted more sales when they were happier.

Other research into happiness supports these findings. In general, happiness increased productivity, creativity, innovation, and improved performance.

That all sounds great, but there is no "happy" pill.

Happiness is one of those intangible things.

For some, it seems to live inside of them, radiating from the inside out. You know these people – they glow.

Every day is a new exciting adventure for them.

For others, happiness is something that seems to pass through them, as if by chance, on a "good" day. Then, just as quickly as it came, it leaves.

How To Create Happiness for Yourself

happy man is happy

But what if we could cultivate happiness, the same way we do a garden?

Slowly but surely, adding seeds of happiness each day – watering them, fertilizing them, and watching them grow into sturdy trees, bearing fruits of happiness? 🌳

Instead of focusing on productivity, what if we focus on happiness, and see if the studies hold true – if the happier we are, the more productive we are?  

According to Psychology Today, here are 3 ways to grow your happiness.

1. Savor the Moment.

Do you ever smell your coffee beans in the morning just for the pure enjoyment of it?

When you go outside, do you look at the plants and notice the squirrels scurrying around?

Being in the present and appreciate the small things can go a long way in helping us feel happier.

2. Practice Non-Judgmental Awareness of Yourself and Others. Focus on the Good

When you're on Instagram, are you looking at people who are soaking up sun rays on the beach with perfect bodies and thinking envious or judgmental thoughts?

Or are you feeling inspired?

Do you ever think, "Good for them." non-sarcastically?

Likewise, what do you think of your own situation?

Can you acknowledge the good parts of yourself or your situation without judgment?

3. Live Like You're On Vacation.

When people are on vacation, they're more open to trying new, fun things, like skydiving, than when they are at home.

Even though we are all stuck at home because of Covid-19, we can still find ways to enrich our lives through novel experiences.

Maybe that means going to a new nature trail you've never been to, or checking out one of the many virtual festivals happening online now. 

Quick Productivity Tip to Increase Happiness Today

productivity tips get outside

Whatever makes you happy, try doing more of it! One thing that makes some of our employees here at OptiMind happy is hiking in the mountains of Colorado.

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All the best,

The OptiMind Team