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Optimind Hydration Electrolyte Mix - Sample

Raspberry Lemonade | 8 Individual Packets

Optimind Hydration has 60% more electrolytes than leading sports drinks and zero sugar, giving you a great-tasting way to hydrate more effectively than sports drinks or water alone.*

Get your mental game on

Hydration + Electrolytes

Why am I drinking water but still feeling dehydrated? Should I still feel thirsty after drinking plenty of liquids? We all want to stay properly hydrated, but the majority of us need help. Optimind® Raspberry Lemonade is an advanced hydration solution that replenishes nutrients and electrolytes so you can perform at your best. 

Feel alert and hydrated, instantly.

A powder packet that offers a great-tasting way to hydrate more effectively than sports drinks or water alone, with the right amount of electrolytes (specifically potassium, magnesium, sodium, and chloride).

This is pure hydration. Balance fluids. Move nutrients into your cells. When you take a sip of OptiMind® Raspberry Lemonade, your taste buds tingle with fresh-squeezed flavor

75% of people are dehydrated
150% more Electrolytes than Gatorade
No sugar

Keeps my hydration up when I'm hiking. I mix one packet with water before a hike to avoid dehydration and keep me feeling my best on the trail. Try it out!!


"This stuff worked wonders on my hangover. My first pub crawl left me with a banging headache the next day. After taking this hydration mix I was ready for lectures the next day. The raspberry lemonade flavor is AWESOME."


This is the ONLY hydration formula that gives me plenty of hydration and works fast

Holden Brentfeld, TRIATHLETE

Boost your hydration and then some. 

Optimind uses patented ingredients for brain power, clean caffeine - extracted from real coffee beans, and five essential electrolytes to boost your hydration, memory, and energy.


Every flavor comes with an advanced blend of five electrolytes- calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, and potassium.

Vitamin B12

Energy, heart health, and brain health are just a few of the many scientifically studied benefits of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has been used to promote brain health, eye health, and boost your mood.

Sugar Free

Gatorade® has 32 grams of sugar in every serving† . OptiMind® doesn't have a single grain. If you ask us, it tastes better too!