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Trusted by high achievers, accomplished athletes, on-the-go humans, and busy college students, We've created the best nootropic on the market. With powerful ingredients studied in the world's most cutting-edge neuroscience you will:

• Maximize focus, energy and mental  performance
• Increase attention and stamina
• Improve cognitive function over time

Your life has a purpose, adding a meticulously crafted supplement with help you achieve it.

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Unleash Your Full Potential.

Key ingredients provide immediate boosts in energy, alertness and focus, allowing you to be more productive for longer.
• Precision Focus 
• Remarkable Accuracy
• Incredible Energy

Built In Nature. Backed By Science.

We've meticulously crafted powerful, clinically tested ingredients found in nature that have been shown to
drastically help:
• Improve the retention of new information
• Increase working memory
• Improve verbal learning

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What's Inside OptiMind?

OptiMind's Ingredients are studied by top neuroscientists and U.S. institutes to support cognitive function and mental performance.

Synapsa - High purity, patented form of the bacopa plant - clinically-studied to super charge mental performance.

Phosphatidylserine - Naturally occurring in the brain and found in soybeans. This phospholipid covers and protects brain cells.

Tyrosine - Used by the US military to improve cognitive function during fatigue and stress - occurs in seaweed.

Naturally Powerful Ingredients

Taurine - Naturally occurring in the human body and important for supporting
nerve growth

Vitamin D - Protects neurons and reduces inflammation 

Vitamin B12 - involved in the function and development of the brain, nerve cells and the myelin sheaths that protect nerves

All ingredients are purity tested to ensure that the correct amount of each ingredient is delivered to your doorstep. 


Occurs in Periwinkle


Occurs in Seaweed


Occurs in Soybeans


Occurs in Green Tea


Occurs in Bacopa plants


Occurs in Huperzia plants







OptiMind is Supported by Clinical Research

Using Bacopa with 55% bacosides, we replicated clinically proven dosages found to increase your working memory, verbal learning, and reduce error.

In a clinical study one group was given Bacopa and one was given a placebo. After taking several cognitive tests the group that was given Bacopa performed better.

What Our Customers Are Saying.

It’s a very PURE feeling, and it’s more than just caffeine; my thoughts are clearer, my mood is better, and I’m excited to take on my day. 

My cognition speed is increased along with energy level and ability to retain memories when taking this long term. I highly recommend this product, it can help you change your life.

I’ve had clarity of mind, smooth & continuous energy throughout the day, and a positive attitude. It is not only helping my energy levels, but also benefiting my mood.

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OptiMind has clinically studied ingredients to help you increase cognitive function, steady energy all day long. Give your brain a boost today with help from OptiMind.

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Clinically Tested Ingredients

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