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What the Health Drink?!

Recently, we wrote an email with the subject line "F You Gatorade," and while many of you wrote back inspired, we weren't surprised that a few of you were offended. You hate swear words, and you don't like us bad-mouthing your favorite drink. We get it.

We promise from here on out this email is a safe-zone. As for Gatorade, we still fudging hate it. But it's not just Gatorade.

There's a massive conspiracy in the drink industry that is right under our tongues. Billions of people are being deceived by the same company that makes Gatorade – Pepsi Co. – by giving consumers the illusion of choice.

When strolling through the grocery store, your eyes are assaulted with refrigerators stocked full of multi-color drinks, each with a bright, dazzling label. You feel like you have a choice. Some promote health, like Naked smoothies. Some go after sports enthusiasts, like Gatorade. Others entice your taste buds, like Pepsi.

When you pick a drink, you're choosing:

  • how healthy you want to be
  • the flavor you're craving
  • the brand that you relate to the most

Your brain is firing on all cylinders trying to decipher the best option.

Not to mention you're thirsty, and you don't want to spend longer than a minute staring at drinks!

Let's make things easier for you.

Imagine all those brightly colored drinks, with the same black and white label that says in bold letters, PEPSI CO.or COKE CO. Not only that, but the labels aren'tmisleading. It says on the front labels:

  • Naked - 35g of sugar, from concentrate!
  • Gatorade - 34g of sugar, artificial flavors!
  • Pepsi - 41g of sugar, caramel color!

Does that help you decide?

Corporations like Pepsi Co., are capitalizing on your indecision. They want you to stare at different drinks, not realizing that no matter which drink you choose, your hard-earned money ends up in their wallets.

The closer you look, the more you realize you never had much choice in the first place. What seemed like many choices was actually one person standing in a house of mirrors.

Whether or not you like it, each dollar you spend is like voting on the future you want to see. We're not telling you to stop buying your favorite drinks, but don't let them deceive you.

Speaking of the future, OptiMind Water Boosters are the future of water! Our drinks are 100% sugar-free, have natural flavors, and are loaded with patented health ingredients for your mind and body.

Each stick comes packed with 5 electrolytes for deep hydration. They come in four delicious flavors and each has unique health ingredients, like superfoods, greens, probiotics, and nootropics for increased focus, memory, and energy.

We're not owned by some huge corporation that only cares about the bottom line. All of our OptiMind® drinks are manufactured in the US and designed by us – a small group of health nuts dedicated to making health drinks and supplements that go above and beyond. So why not give us a try? Try all 4 flavors FREE.  

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Cheers to your health,

James Lincoln
Head of Customer Success