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What is your purpose?

What is your purpose?

In case you didn't know, the OptiMind Community is united by a simple philosphy:

We are passionate to
pursue our purpose!

It's why we're usually the first to try nootropic pills or drinks – to keep our minds performing optimally. We crave the focus, energy, and brain performance needed to pursue our purpose! 💪

However, even if we are in peak form mentally, we need to be clear on what our purpose is.

This simple diagram can help you discover (or validate) your purpose:

To understand purpose, it helps to imagine that life is a long road trip. 🚗

  • Driving for hours everyday represents the daily grindto reach your goals.
  • The destinations on your road trip are your goals. They are what make roadtrips (and life) so exciting!
  • Finally, your compass or GPS is your purpose – guiding you which way to go.

Since we're always in motion, if you don't know what your purpose is, it can be like driving without any GPS! It can be easy to get lost and drive to the middle of nowhere.

That's why considering your purpose is so vital!

To think clearly, it can help to nourish your brain with vitamins, amino acids, and brain-boosting botanicals.

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All the best,

The OptiMind Team