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Turn Commute Time Into Learning Time

Every day you make a commute.

Maybe you walk to work, maybe you take a train or a bus, or maybe you drive. No matter what, that’s time you could be using to accomplish new things.

For a lot of people, that extra time can just fall by the wayside, but you want to get the most out of every minute. (That’s why you’re interested in OptiMind)

So here are three simple things you can do on your commute to get the most out of your mind.

1. Podcasts and AudiobooksThere are so many incredible people doing incredible work in any field you might be interested in. From medical history, to modern technology, to sports and business, there are books and podcasts about everything. No matter what you want to learn, get the knowledge you’re after just by hitting the play button. Here at AlternaScript some of us listen to The Tim Ferriss Show, Radio Lab, or the Audiobook version of How To Win Friends and Influence People.2. Learn A Language

There are several programs that can help you through the difficult process of learning a language, many of which just require you to listen. You can practice any language in the car, on the bus, or just walking to work. You can get started with Living Language which includes a system for any situation, even if you’re driving.

3. Enjoy The Classics

There’s a reason that classical music is well … classic. It’s not just that it’s been around a long time, but the complicated compositions can actually have positive effects on your brain. Studieshave found that classical music can help lower blood pressure and stress, andhelp with emotional and personal honesty. It doesn’t just sound great, classical music can actually make you feel and perform better.

So tomorrow on your way to work, find something that turns that trip into a positive experience.

P.S. In the morning, on the way to work or school, that’s when many of us are at our slowest. Speed up with OptiMind. The ingredients in OptiMind can help you get the energy and focus you need to make it through your day and unlock your incredible potential.