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The Creativity Code

How do you become more creative? 


This is a question that has stunned countless artists, philosophers, and value-creators for thousands of years.

First is the question of “How do I become a creative person?” 

Are you just born with it, or is there a way to develop this type of talent? 

Then there’s the question of “How do I get creative in this moment?” 

And that is one which even the most creative people find endlessly frustrating. 

We see it in recording artists who have an amazing album from the 80’s or 90’s, and struggle to ever match it again. 

Or in authors who have a streak of great books, but then suddenly are unable to produce imaginative work like they used to.


And all of us can relate to “writer’s block.” Where the creativity isn’t there when we need it.


There are some ways to stack the deck to your advantage, so that when you need this creativemuscle, it’s ready to go... or at least you have maximized your chances to have your best creativity for the moment.

1. Relax Your Body and Mind

There is no question that stress absolutely kills creativity.  


While some people come up with great ideas when their back is against thewall, this is not the case for most of us.


Evolutionarily speaking, creativity is a “luxury” mindstate that happens when things are comfortable.


There was no need for our ancestors to create lovely cave paintings if thevillage was under attack from a sabretooth tiger. So make sure to meditate, get enough sleep, and cultivate relaxation throughout your day.

2. Keep the Creative Mind Primed All Day

If you want to be creative at the “right time,” do your best to stay creative all the time. 

That means that you look for opportunities to be creative in your everyday life.

If you’re at the bus stop, for example, you can people-watch and come up with imaginative stories in your head for what their lives are like. Or you can try to create a poem in your head while you’re at a stoplight.

These are the kinds of tricks used by creative writers and improvisational comedians, so they can keep their creative minds sharp for when they need to perform. 

3. Take OptiMind

Having a creative mind is all about “stacking the deck“ to your advantage.

And the only way to do this consistently is to make sure the right chemicals are flowing through your brain.

That’s what OptiMind does. When you have the right brain-nutrients in your system, your brain is balanced, relaxed, and ready to fire neurons at its top capacity.

As much as we can enjoy the spiritual side of life, the fact is that our brains run by simple biology for most (if not all) of our mental functioning.

Get the biochemicals right, and everything else seems to fall into place.