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The 2 Millimeter Difference

Mastery of any area of your life is made by achieving the “2 Millimeter Difference” that others miss. 

 Tony Robbins talks about this extensively in his seminars, having trained with some of the best athletes and performers in the world. 

  • Changing the angle on your golf swing by 2mm can decide not only how far your ball soars into the air, but how likely it is to perfectly drop right into the hole-in-one.
  • Dropping your shoulder by 2mm on the archery range can sink the perfect bullseye. 
  • An artist painting on a canvas... a 2mm difference in a woman’s nose in his picture can decide whether she’s beautiful or ugly.

When you get to the VERY top of a sport, art, or profession, this becomes even more true.

At the Olympics, we see athletes from all backgrounds doing everything humanly possible to make the tiniest, most subtle alterations in their practices... just to get the slightest edge.

For them, the 2mm difference doesn’t cut anywhere close to 30 seconds off their running times...

 Instead, it cuts off maybe .01 seconds...

 just enough to get the Gold Medal instead of Silver...

 Or the Bronze instead of going home empty handed.


What OptiMind does is give you that slight edge in capsule form.


You still need to study, practice, and work hard...but you’ll find that everything you do comes easier and faster, now that you have this amazingly focused mind.


Your athletic movements are sharper... your creativity is more spontaneous... and you can concentrate on staying “in the zone” for much longer periods of time.


Serious athletes all over the world can enjoy taking this nootropics supplement for increased performance.


When are you going to see what it can do for you?

Live Your Optimal Performance


Cheers to your health,


To get amazing at any skill, whether it’s a sport, art, or job... you need to put the hours in, and some of those hours will not be fun.

Sometimes you have to do a repetitive task over and over again, like a figure skater trying a single-axel spin on the ice hundreds of times.

That’s one benefit of OptiMind.  


A normally boring task now becomes extremely enjoyable... because you’re fully “in thezone” of concentration and feeling great as you master your practice.