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3 Great Tips To Make Public Speaking Easy

Public speaking is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do.

It’s also one of the most important skills you can have.

Companies (like AlternaScript) get funding, politicians get elected, people get jobs, and strangers make friends all because of public speaking.

When people are looking at you, waiting for the next word, you can feel that pressure. It can be a lot to handle. Many people have public speaking anxiety.

BUT, dealing with that pressure can open doors for you that you’ve never imagined.

It worked for me. I used to be a nationally ranked debater in high school, and I coached debate in college. Public speaking has been a huge part of my life for more than ten years. There’s no way I’d have found the success I have without public speaking skills.

Now, I’m here to pass my advice on to you.

Secret #1: Speaking Clearly

If you mumble, rush, or slur your words the audience won't understand them. That won't hold their attention, but there are easy ways to cultivate that skill. Practice in front of a mirror. If you’re giving a speech you’ve written, practice reading it backwards and forwards and get really familiar with it. Try pronouncing the letter A between each word to make sure you read it word by word not sentence by sentence.

Secret #2: All That Really Matters

There are only two elements of public speaking that you need to excel: focus and confidence. Focus is critical. If you get distracted, your audience will feel that and their minds will start wandering. Confidence in what you have to say gives you the presence on stage to draw the audience's focus.

Secret #3: You're In Control

The power isn’t in their hands. It’s in yours. The pressure you feel is people waiting for you to speak because they’re listening. They care about your speech. YOU ARE IN CHARGE. Don't let the room derail you. You're the one they came to see. If you stay focused and treat whatever you’re talking about seriously, you’ll have your listeners eating out of the palm of your hand.

With these tips, it gets much easier. There are a million public speaking tips. Don’t make eye contact, stare at a spot in the back of the room, imagine everyone in their underwear, the list goes on.

Those tips can help, but everything you need is in this email.

That’s all it takes.