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Never Stop Learning - Learn Something New Everyday

As we get older we sometimes forget one of the most incredible things about being human.

We can always keep learning.

That’s an amazing thing. No matter who you are, or what you do, every single day, you can learn something new.

You may be worried that you just don’t have the time, but here’s a secret to keep in mind (it’s not OptiMind, but that’s a pretty good one too).

Motivation follows behavior, NOT the other way around.

YThat means that when you make even a little time to learn, whether that’s reading, listening to podcasts, or watching TED talks, you can make incredible progress with simple steps.

1. Take Notes

It may sound silly, and obvious, but when you’re watching a documentary - how much do you write down? Not much, right? Then this is a great first step. Writing down information not only gives you something to refer back to, but it also helps cement those ideas in your head.

2. Make Return Visits

How many times have you read, watched, or listened to something, only to realize there was much more going on than you thought? It happens to all of us. That’s part of the learning process. Just because you’ve checked something out before, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t poke your head back in to see what you missed.

3. Make Connections

When you study something new, you’re bound to find ways it connects to your daily life. Dive into those connections and find out the history behind them. This will not only give you a deeper understanding of your subject matter, but also an easy way for you to remember the things that you learn. The more they’re tied to things your familiar with, the easier new things are to understand.

So here’s a challenge.

Pick one thing that you want to know more about.

It can be anything from Greek philosophy to Cajun cuisine.

Once you’ve picked your subject, learn a little bit about it every day for 30 days.

Find the best books. Watch the best documentaries. See what the experts have to say.

You’ll be amazed by how much you can learn.