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Make Your Own Luck - Win At Life

Luck isn’t something you have. It’s something you make.

Those lucky few, the ones who jet-set on private planes, have weekend houses on tropical islands, and party in penthouses, all have something in common.

They busted their asses and made their own luck.

They didn’t need a rabbit’s foot or a four leaf clover, and neither do you. (OptiMind works better anyway)

All they needed was these three simple steps.

1. Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Success comes from effort and risk. That’s true in business, friendships, and anything else. If there’s an opportunity to move forward that requires pushing your limits or trying something new, take the risk. It’s natural to be afraid of new things, but when that fear prevents us from acting, that’s a recipe for failure. The most successful people know they’d rather try and fail than fail because they never tried.

2. Prepared

No matter how hard you work, accidents happen. Plan for disasters just in case. Think about what you’re doing, write down a list of what can go wrong, then come up with how you’d solve each possible problem. With the right preparation, you can stay on your game no matter what happens.

3. Be In Control

My dad used to say that if you’re going to run the factory, then you have to understand every machine. No matter what you’re doing, this advice holds true. Knowing what the people around you are doing and what you can do to assist them is a huge step toward success. If you want to be in charge, you’d better be ready to take care of anything.

If you use these strategies, you can make your own luck and come out on top of any situation.

Once you’ve got that under control, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Follow these steps, and enjoy your weekends in the tropics.