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Make New Friends - Build Your Network

Some people say it’s all about who you know.

That’s an exaggeration. Hard work, dedication, and focus all contribute to success.

BUT, having a robust network of amazing people is one of the best ways to hack your life and get more done - faster. (Just like OptiMind)

It takes time and energy to make connections. Sometimes it’s challenging even to find an hour to take a walk and make new friends

When you take time out of your busy schedule to socialize, we want you to get the most out of it. Follow these simple steps to start making friends and building your network.

1. Take a look at YOU

The first step to finding the people you want to connect with is figuring out the person you are. Take a peak inward and find your passions, your interests, and what makes you tick. Understand your pet peeves and the things that excite you. Once you know that, it’s simple to identify the people that you can get along with.

2. Pick Passions not People

Everyone has something to offer, but not everyone has something FOR YOU. You've looked at yourself, and you know what you're looking for. Now go to places where people with similar passions congregate. If you love basketball, find a sports bar that focuses on the NBA. If you love art, go to galleries. If you’re in the right places, you’ll find the right people.

3. Let the Right Ones In

When you’re out at a party, a meet-up, or an event and you meet someone you connect with, don’t hesitate. Invite them to join you at a similar event, or to grab a coffee. We live in a world that moves fast. It’s easy for weeks to zip by in the blink of an eye and potential friends get left behind. Don’t let that happen. Act fast, that enthusiasm will be appreciated.

If you follow those easy guidelines, you’ll be stunned by the amazing people you meet, and by finding them through your passions, you can count on those connections being the kind of people you want in your network.

So here’s a challenge. Every day for the next 30 days, say hi to someone new and see what happens.

It’ll brighten up your world and help you build the support that you need to thrive.