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Lindsay Lohan Teams Up With AlternaScript to Combat Off-Label Prescription Drug Abuse

Most of us know Lindsay Lohan from her movies, like Mean Girls or the Parent Trap. This past year, Lindsay Lohan made major news headlines for helping Syrian Refugees, underprivileged children, and her mysterious accent (#Lilohan). Now, Ms. Lohan is supporting the AlternaScript Recovery Fund. 

In case you who missed it, AlternaScript just launched a new fund to combat America's fastest growing epidemic: off-label prescription drug abuse and addiction.

“I’m really glad AlternaScript started a Recovery Fund and I support them. Their products work and are beautifully packaged. AlternaScript is going to save millions of lives.” - Lindsay Lohan

In America, there are over 8.3 million people abusing prescription drugs everyday. More people die from off-label prescription drug abuse than from guns or car accidents, but we don't always hear about it. With a 14% spike in overdose-related deaths in the past year, it's not secret that this epidemic is on the rise.


Having her own battles with addiction, Ms. Lohan has seen how damaging and devastating it is. That's why she’s joining AlternaScript to fight this growing epidemic by promoting their new fund toward recovery from off-label prescription drug abuse.

The endorsement came after Ms. Lohan tried AlternaScript’s flagship product, OptiMind. She reported that the supplement kept her impressively focused and energized.

OptiMind is perfect for me. It helps me stay focused and energized no matter what country I’m in. Everyone should try it.” - Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is going to be working with us directly to build up our the AlternaScript Recovery Fund. All of the money raised for the fund will be donated to raise awareness for recovery centers, rehabilitation programs, and counseling for families affected by off-label prescription drug abuse.

For those of you who haven't heard, we pledged to give a percentage of proceeds from every sale to the AlternaScript Recovery Fund. We're currently vetting charities and being highly selective. We only want to donate to charities we know will make the biggest impact on people’s lives and whose missions are aligned with our community’s values. You can read more about it the announcement here.

CEO and co-founder, Lucas Siegel, explains that “we started AlternaScript because we wanted to help people and there’s so many people we can help together. We’re just thrilled to have advocates, like Lindsay, who care about people’s welfare.”

“We created OptiMind for one reason: to help people live longer and healthier lives through advancements in science and technology. We see this promise to help those most affected by the predatory pharmaceutical industry as a continuation of that vision.” -Lucas Siegel, CEO & Co-Founder, AlternaScript

"I love how every time I buy OptiMind it helps not just me, but other people in need. It makes me feel amazing to support products that serve a greater purpose," says Lohan. Lohan is helping to promote their new Recovery Fund on social media with her own webpage here. #PurchaseWithaPurpose