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How to Destroy Distractions.

How to Destroy Distractions.

It's 9:00 o'clock in the morning. I'm at my desk. I have my coffee.

I'm ready to work.

But before I lay a finger on my mouse, my dog whines to be let in...

I let him in, close the door, and sit back down.
Like clockwork, ten minutes later, the other dog wants in.
I let her in and sit back down. Okay, time to get some work done!
My phone chirps. It's a notification from Facebook. I check it.
I sip my coffee, but it's cold. I trudge to the kitchen and warm it up.
While I'm in the kitchen, I realize I'm hungry, so I make a sandwich.
Might as well watch Netflix's Altered Carbon while I eat.
Oh no, what has Tak gotten himself into this time?
Reluctantly, I find myself pressing play on the next episode.
My dog whines to be let out, then ten minutes later, the other one.
Why can't they go in/out together?!

It's afternoon now, and I've done nothing.

You get the idea. Admittedly, this is an over-exaggeration. However, it's not unheard of that small distractions can sabotage productivity! Studies say after one small distraction, it can take up to 25 minutes for us to get completely back in the zone.

The good news is we can take a proactive approach to eliminate distractions. I recommend making a list of all your daily distractions and finding ways to squash them.

Here's mine for inspiration:

  • Dogs wanting in/out constantly - Install a doggy door.
  • Social Media - Turn off app notifications and move all distracting apps to the back of the phone.
  • Cold Coffee - Use a tumbler or learn to enjoy cold coffee. 😈
  • Altered Carbon - Only watch one episode per day, at night.

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Cheers to your health,

James Lincoln
Head of Customer Success