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Focus At Will

When you’re at work and it’s time to lock in on a project and get it done, what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you reach for your earbuds, turn up the volume and listen to music.

The thing is, if you’re listening to anything on Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music, you’re listening to music that is designed to command your attention.

So how are you supposed to achieve the focus you need to crush every item on your to-do list?

You need Brain Music.

That’s something you’ll only find in one place: Focus@Will.

Interview about staying focused at work
Interview about staying focused at work

You might be wondering if the music you listen to really makes a difference, but I’m here to tell you it does. Here are three reasons why Focus@Willcan change your life.

1. The Science

There are two kinds of attention. Endogenous attention is the way you consciously focus on the things in front of you. Exogenous attention is the way your brain keeps you safe by staying aware of the world around you. When you hear a loud noise, or a human voice, your brain pulls your focus away from what you’re doing to find out if that sound is dangerous. Focus@Will keeps those distractions out with music designed to serve as background, not distraction.

2. The Music

Music with vocals, or even instruments like cellos or saxophones that sound like human voices, are distracting. Our minds evolved to respond to voices, because voices are attached to people, and people are either dangerous or helpful, and it’s important to know which. That’s why you won’t find lyrics, cellos, saxophones, or anything like that in the huge library of exclusive tracks commissioned by Focus@Will.

3. The Technology

Everyone is different, and that means that the same music won’t work for everyone. That’s why Focus@Will uses machine learning to create playlists that are perfect for you. Every time you skip a song the system remembers that and uses fewer similar songs, so you only get the tracks that work for you.

This isn’t just music from algorithms. Will Henshall, the founder of Focus@Will, is an accomplished musician and songwriter. His band LondonBeat had multiple top 40 dance hits across Europe.

That authentic relation to the music, the dedication to the technology, and the desire to see you be great are the reasons why Focus@Will has over one million users.

Now is your best chance to try Focus@Will. Exclusively for members of the OptiMind community, there's a special deal on subscriptions for Focus@Will.

Here at AlternaScript HQ we pair Focus@Will and OptiMind to get amazing results. (I’m listening to the Kora mix right now) So try out the combo and be more productive than ever.