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Find Your Focus and Unlock Productivity

No matter who you are, when your mind wanders, you lose track of what you’re doing.

So how do you make sure that you can stay focused and crush every day? (OptiMind is obviously a good start.)

Follow these three simple steps, and watch your productivity skyrocket.

1. Set A Deadline

It can be hard to stick to self-imposed deadlines. After all, you’re the only one enforcing them, but it’s worth the extra mental effort. Deadlines can help streamline your workflow, so that you get the crucial parts of any project done quickly. At the same time, they keep you focused on what needs to get done. Even if there are many ways to embellish or expand on an idea, deadlines help you get the critical parts done, then you can focus on the little details like choosing the perfect font.             

2.  Break It Down

Any project, from a powerpoint for work to cleaning your room, is made up of many smaller tasks. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when all you’re thinking about is the general idea of what you have to do. Instead, think of all the parts that make up your next project and approach them one at a time. This way they feel easier, you get the emotional boost from getting things done, and the time flies by.

3.  Be Patient

When you ABSOLUTELY NEED something to get done, and it’s just not happening, it’s easy to get frustrated. But, all that anxiety costs more time than it saves. Instead, take a little break. Just walk away. Some, including me, recommend working in spurts of 90-120 minutes and then relaxing for 10-20. This way, you don’t get frustrated, and you give yourself time to approach problems in new ways, rather than keep banging your head against the wall.

These simple steps can get you started on the path to success, no matter what mountain you’re trying to climb

So next time you’ve got a project looming, just follow those tips and you’ll be amazed at how much easier life is.      

These are three helpful steps to get you started, but sometimes you need that extra boost. That’s where OptiMind comes in. The ingredients in OptiMind can help you get the extra energy and focus you need to dominate every day.