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F*ck Gatorade.

F*ck Gatorade.

Gatorade, owned by Pepsi Co., spent $100 million on advertising last year. Just let that soak in. $100 million in advertising LAST YEAR and, big shocker, they're the top-selling sports drink on the market. The only problem? They kind of suck. Only two types of electrolytes, artificial dyes and flavors, and it comes loaded with sugar. In theory, you'd think the only way to have the best-selling product on the market is to have the best product. That may sound nice, but in reality, Gatorade's bloated advertising budget destroys that theory.

Gatorade is a Goliath. It's big business. It has to do well. So they make sure you see it everywhere - on your way to work, at the gym, on TV and in magazines. All in an attempt to make you think "Gatorade" when you get thirsty. Gatorade wants you to believe that it's the best solution to hydration on the market so you don't use your brain and go looking elsewhere.

There's only one problem. It's a huge lie.

If Gatorade is Goliath, our company is more like David, and like David, we love taking down giants. When the CEO, Lucas, first started AlternaScript in 2013, him and his team invented a focus supplement to take on Big Pharma. We proved that you don't need a prescription to focus harder and achieve more. That supplement is called OptiMind® - you've probably heard of it.

Our newest product, OptiMind® Water Boosters, are taking on another giant - Gatorade.

We have something Gatorade doesn't: quality. Yep, you read that right. We might not have millions to spend on advertising, but we have invested a lotinto the development and quality of our product. Like Elon Musk says, “Great companies are built on great products.” We hired taste experts, nutritionists, and scientists. We worked for years tweaking the formula, taste-testing, and hunting down the best ingredients.

So how are we better than Gatorade?

  • 2.5X More Electrolytes than Gatorade - Did you know 98% of people are deficient in Potassium? Gatorade has zero potassium and it just has two electrolytes. We made sure our Water Boosters come with Potassium, plus four other electrolytes – calcium, magnesium, chloride, and sodium.
  • ZERO SUGAR and Natural Flavors - Our Water Boosters are 100% sugar-free and have 100% natural flavors. Gatorade has 32 grams of sugar (that's 6.5 teaspoons!) in every serving and uses artificial flavors and dyes. How else do you think your pee glows after drinking it? 😜
  • Healthy Ingredients - Each OptiMind® Water Booster has unique patented health ingredients – from probiotics to greens, nootropics for focus and memory, and essential vitamins. Gatorade is still trying to figure out what probiotics are. Try our Greens Water Booster here.

The most important difference though? We care - we're not some huge corporation that only cares about the bottom line. We're a small group of dedicated health nuts who don't want to compromise the quality of our products for the fullness of our pockets. One of the ways we show that we care is by offering you a FREE trial. We're confident you'll love our drinks so we let you try it free, before you buy. Click the link below to try it free now!

Try OptiMind Water Boosters for Free for 14 Days!†

Cheers to your health,

James Lincoln
Head of Customer Success