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Clean Up Clutter

There are a lot of ways to minimize stress and maximize productivity. Some are easier than others, and today I want to talk about one-of the simplest.

Keeping your space clean.

An organized work-space can do wonders for your focus and productivity. (For that matter, so can OptiMind)

So here are three things you need to know about keeping your desk tidy and clutter free, if you want to be at your best.

Stay on top of your game and don’t let the mess hold you back. It’s an easy problem to solve, and you’ll love the results.

You can be stressed out for a ton of reasons, and some of them you can’t control, but keeping your space clean, efficient, and organized is one that you can, so don’t waste time. Start tidying up today.

Another thing you can control is your morning routine. If you want to to stay energized and focused, addOptiMind. The ingredients in OptiMind can help you stay locked in and on top of your game all day long.

1. Relax

It’s scientifically proven that clutter increases stress. A study by neuroscientists at Princeton University found that a cluttered work-space led to lower rates of productivity and increased levels of stress. Why? Because a work-space filled with junk has too many things competing for your attention, and trying to put it out of your head can stress you out, and distract you from getting work done.

2. See The Finish Line

When you’re swamped in clutter, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. A tower of papers, a messy desktop, a scattering of pens, all of that makes everything seem much more serious. It’s easy to get intimidated when it looks like everything could get away from you. Keep your work-space streamlined, so it’s easier to keep moving forward.

3. Clean Every Day

Don’t let the clutter pile up. It’s easy to look at a few loose pieces ofpaper on Monday and say that’s no big deal. Then Friday comes around and you find yourself scrounging through the mess for the onedocument you need. Don’t let that happen. Just make sure you give yourself five minutes at the end of the day to make sure everything is organized. This isn’t just for your desk, either. Keep your computer clean too. That mess of random files can be just as big aproblem as any stack of papers.