How I Dominated Harvard, Changed Hollywood, and Got to Bed on Time: Thriving in the Era of Brain Enhancement

In the past four years, I founded my own startup while still enrolled in school, worked with Hollywood & Wall St. designing algorithms to predict future box office success, and stayed passionately involved in politics meeting both candidates for the President of the United States. 

Looking back, I was most proud to receive a Masters in Finance from Harvard, graduating in the top 10% of my class.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that you can conquer whatever you set out to accomplish in life. You just need the right tools to succeed. Although I’m a hard worker and extremely driven, I had help from a secret weapon that pushed me to do my best and dominate the competition (which you can try for free here).

This started during my graduate program at Harvard, where I realized that the competition is ruthless, and I mean RUTHLESS. Everyone was in a desperate search to find something that would give them that extra edge on the competition, but also sustain a high level of performance.

I needed something that would give me a boost of energy and focus whenever I needed it, but I wasn't going to put my health at risk to get there. I knew that to graduate at the top of my class in one of the most competitive academic programs in the world, I would have to find a way to unleash my brain’s ultimate potential. That’s when I discovered nootropics.

A nootropic supplement is filled with highly concentrated cognitive enhancing nutrients that help to fuel your brain and unleash the full arsenal of cerebral power. I was already a smart kid, but with nootropics, I was unstoppable.

Before I go any further, there’s something you have to know about nootropics. There are a lot of supplements and suppliers out there, most of which don’t hold up to any sort of standard. You have to be very careful about what you get and where you get it. Even the same ingredient like Bacopa, will have a different concentration depending on the brand of supplement supplying it. Most brands will provide such a weak concentration of the ingredient that it has zero effect on your mind. One brand may pack a punch to your cognitive abilities and the other will steal your money and give you something less effective than cardboard in return. So you have to do your research or read on because I've already did most of the work for you.

I was hyped on how much nootropics were helping me, so I tried a bunch of different ones to find the perfect pill. Some nootropics helped me do better in school, but it wasn’t until OptiMind, that I realized just how much their ingredients could transform me as a student. I became an output machine and never once had to deal with the bummer of crashes and headaches that were standard with the other pills.

At this point, you're probably asking yourself, “Why would I want to take advice from some data scientist nerd? I’m never going to Harvard anyway, so why should I care?”

In case you haven’t noticed, times have changed.

In high school, you may have emulated the athletes, but I hope by now you’ve grown up to see who the true influencers are. Once you hit college, the real inspiration comes from the leaders of innovation. I’m talking about the young entrepreneurs, the activists, the scientists and doctors who are changing the game and the way we experience life.

Winning a football game is cool, but you know what’s really cool? Building an app that changes the way the entire world communicates. Or how about finding the cure to a disease or passing legislation that helps millions of families. As the world gets smaller, we have to look up to those thinking bigger.

But if you want to follow in the footsteps of the game changers, you have to be willing to make sacrifices. You have to build a solid structure to your life so that you can crush the competition and upgrade to the winner’s circle. And if you’re going to boss out, you need to make sure that your diet and health supplements are a good fit for your fast paced lifestyle.

OptiMindhelps me when I need it and it helps me in a way that isn’t going to screw up the tight sleep schedule or diet that I keep. It’s the only nootropic I can trust to give me more without taking anything away.

The road to find this badass nootropic wasn’t always pretty. As a college student, I witnessed way too many of my peers as they put dangerous stimulants and caffeine pills into their bodies — with hardly any improvement to show for it.

I don’t want you or anyone to have to go through this kind of risky behavior to get an edge on the competition. And now that we have OptiMind, no one has to.We have advanced beyond a time where we have to depend on stimulants, caffeine, or any other mystery pep-pills that come along. And that is a huge relief!

I’m going to share with you my personal journey to discover OptiMind so that you can understand why it’s so safe and just how dangerous the alternatives are. It’s my mission to get the word out to every young game changer out there that,

“You cannot risk your health to make it today in the professional world.”

It all started at Harvard…

Something incredible happens when your school makes high demands of you. You are forced to figure out what you actually want to do in life. Without Harvard, I would never have been able to prioritize my long-term goals and reach the epiphany of what I want to dedicate my life to.

I worked hard at everything I did in life and realized just how much you had to sacrifice in order to achieve what you set out to. So I made sure that the thing I was going to work toward was something that I really wanted.

"The people willing to work the hardest, the people willing to sacrifice their personal lives, willing to think about and do only their own discipline — are the people who get the top promotions and get to achieve everything they want in life."

Stimulants and Energy Drinks: Drugged Up to Stay Up

A strong work ethic and intense ambition will bring about amazing things in life, but they sometimes can lead you to veer off the tracks into dangerous territory.

When I was in school, I had easy access to a wide array of stimulants, energy drinks, and an endless stream of coffee. In order to keep up with my homework, including dozens of case studies, political journals and data sets, I tried different stimulants, so that I could stay up to finish it all.

Many of these substances gave me a boost, but each one came with a crash and the instinctual feeling that, “I really shouldn’t be putting this into my body.” Whatever was gained in terms of completed work was always lost in terms of physical health when I came down.

And the greatest irony with most of the stimulants out there is that they hype you up so wildly, that you reach a point of energy where you are too distracted to even work. You physically cannot sit down even if you wanted to study.

If you’ve taken stimulants, you might relate to that weird feeling when time feels like it's passing at a different rate. When this happened to me, I felt that I had been stripped of my ability to reason. I was left with the false impression that I could multitask way more than was physically possible. And worst of all, I just didn’t feel like myself.

What I’ve just described to you is the experience of someone under the influence. And that is exactly the kind of relationship that people have with the stimulants they take to study.

This is not okay. Harvard was not created for the most talented students to go to school and lose sight of themselves in a tweaker’s race toward aimless achievement.

I got to a point in school where I knew that stimulants were going to destroy my ability and desire to be the top financial expert in my field.

I had to find a better way.

Finding Your True Calling: The Hierarchy of Needs

Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Maslow believed that if humans did not have their most basic needs in life met, they would not be able to reach the most profound levels of human experience; the peak of the human experience being true self-actualization. In other words, if you don’t have healthy food, safety, anda sense of community, then you’re never going to be able to step back and access where you are and how you would like to move forward in life.

This type of thinking was the ultimate key to my success in school. My own personal Hierarchy of Needs came down to:

  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • exercise

I really don’t know how to emphasize this point any stronger:

“If you don’t have a healthy body, you don’t have a healthy mind, and you’re not going to be able to perform at an elite level. Period.”

At Harvard, I came to the realization that I could not perform my job if I took something that was going to jeopardize my health. Since that epiphany, I have been ruthless about my health and diet regimen.

  • I don't eat any packaged or processed foods
  • I never have more than one cup of coffee per day
  • I go to bed by midnight on the weekdays no matter what
  • I wake up at 5:45 and workout for 60-90 minutes every day.

As you can see, I care deeply about my health and the things that I put into my body. This is why OptiMind has been such a miracle for me. I have an incredibly sensitive stomach. If I have more than one cup of coffee, I begin to feel sick. But, even if I have 5 OptiMind on a busy day, I feel like myself the whole time and can fall asleep right on schedule at night. And the best part is that I never feel any crash.

The beauty of OptiMind is that it gives me a nice gradual rise in energy and then slowly returns me back to my base level.

You might think that a coffee crash isn’t a big deal, but just think about it for a second. When our bodies crash, they’re trying to tell us that something is wrong. Coffee or whatever else we digested, completely gutted us of water and other essential nutrients and now the body has shut down to replenish itself. OptiMind has never had this effect on me.

I have a pretty good idea of what nootropic ingredients work and which ones are just filler. Before Harvard, I recieved my undergrad degree in chemical engineering. After reading up on the formula that goes into OptiMind, I found AlternaScript’s claims to be incredibly trustworthy. Every ingredient is the absolute highest quality. And I know this to be true, most of all, because I still feel like my normal healthy self after I take them.

The Best Nootropic is also the Most Versatile

My friends would tell you that it’s an understatement when I say that, “I’m a busy guy.” I have my own startup, I consult privately, I read three different newspapers every morning, and I haven’t missed a Patriots game in years. I do a lot, but since I have learned to hack my brain and use it to its full potential, I crave this kind of busy schedule.

I’ve been taking OptiMind for three years now. I’d say I go through about two bottles every month. As it has become more a part of my daily routine, it’s been awesome to see how it impacts so many different aspects of my life.

Brain Boost

The most common use is for getting work done. If I need something to give me an extra push through hours of work, I take two capsules about a half an hour before I need to be in beast mode. And I never feel like I cross over to the point of being so energized that I can’t pick just one thing to focus on. It’s the cleanest energy boost I’ve ever come across.

Wake Up

I’ve got a super busy schedule. If I ever have a night out and am feeling a bit groggy the next morning, I take one or two OptiMind. By the time I get to work, I’ve got my focus back and feel good as new. This also applies to when I feel completely drained after a workout. If I go hard in the weight room, I can always rely on OptiMind to let me get through the rest of the day without feeling like I’ve lost any energy.


This nootropic is a great replacement for so many supplements that you might get at a fitness store. Many producers of these workout stacks have nothing that resembles the science and transparency that is standard practice for AlternaScript. Beyond being safe, it gives me amazing focus and power during a workout. And as I said before, it’s a great way to restore yourself back to baseline when you’re done.

Creative Slumps

I think this brain supplement could be incredibly helpful for creative people. My sister is the artist of the family. Over the years, I’ve witnessed her and other artists go through a sort of bipolar process. They’ll have this amazing spurt of development and then hit a wall before they get to finish a project. I think OptiMind would be the perfect solution to give an artist that extra boost to get to the finish line and make something beautiful. Think of all those unfinished masterpieces out there…Ahhh! It doesn’t have to be like this.

What makes me eager to tell my friends and colleagues about OptiMind, is that I know when they add it to their routine, they’re going to find applications for it that are totally unique to them. I tell them to,

“Think of it as a way to enhance your mind, so you can better tackle whatever it is in life you want to be remembered for.”

So to all of you ambitious students and young professionals out there, have I made myself clear?

Do you now understand why putting stimulants, coffee, and uppers into your body is moronicnow that the world has OptiMind?

Don’t make the mistake of risking your personal health to get closer to the job of your dreams. It won’t work and here’s why:

Right now, I am consulting for some of the top financial institutions in the world. I analyze data and give advice that could potentially lose or save a client billions of dollars. Do you think for an instant that they or any other employer out there, would let me be responsible for their money, if I couldn’t take care of my own personal health?

I don’t think so.

You have to be wise about what you put into your body and make health your top priority. Eat well, exercise, and stop pulling those all-nighters. The elite professional world has evolved. We don’t want shortsighted achievers. We’re looking for sustainable long-term growth in our businesses and in the people we hire to work for them.

Don’t lose sight of yourself by choosing an unhealthy edge on the competition. Find your own path to self-fulfillment and turn your brain into the envy of the Ivy League.

I told you where I’ve gone with my life, now that I have OptiMind. Now close your eyes and think about where you will go with yours.

I’d wish you luck in getting there, but it has nothing to do with luck.

It is only a matter of taking the right path when it reveals itself to you.

So what are you waiting for? The journey starts here.

Don’t leave your future waiting,

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Harvard Grad and Data Scientist

Note: These are real reviews from real people. These are not our claims, this is what real people think about OptiMind.