How to Cure a Weed Hangover | 5 Ways To Cure a Hangover from Weed

It's that infamous time of year known as 4/20. In case you choose to indulge, here are the best tips for recovery from your festivities...

Weed hangover: The morning after a huge smoke session where you wake up after sleeping for twelve hours and feel groggy and lazy.

While here at OptiMind, we don't endorse illegal cannabis use - we know that some of you will dabble in the jazz cabbage and we want you to be ready for the next day. 

With that in mind, here's the top 5 ways on how to cure a weed hangover after a night with Mary Jane.

Weed Hangover Cures - 1. Go for a Run

weed hangover cures - go on a run

Now you don't have to be Stefaan Engels or David Goggins but a little bit of exercise never hurt anyone.

Exercise increases blood flow and eliminates brain fog caused by weed hangovers.

You'll feel like a new person after only 30 minutes of cardio. Plus, your lungs will benefit too!

Exercise can relieve hangover symptoms and bring mental clarity.

Weed Hangover Cures - 2. TakeOptiMind

Believe it or not, but there's actually a pill for this kind of ill. If you have work the morning following 4/20, try taking nootropics like OptiMind!

OptiMind is formulated for focus, energy, and cognitive performance. It's the best solution for a weed hangover, hands down!

On top of that, OptiMind features 4 of the top nootropic extracts in our nootropic stack and has been scientifically engineered through research and testing for over 20 years! 

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Weed Hangover Cures - 3. Sleep In

If you're one of the lucky few who sets their own hours, then try sleeping in until you wake up sober and straight.

Catch up on some ZZZ's as your body heals from the night before. Just keep hitting that snooze on your alarm!

Weed Hangover Cures - 4. Take a Shower

Can't sleep in late to cure your marijuana hangover? Start with cold water to jolt your system then turn the heat up.

Hot water is great for curing a weed hangover because it clears your sinuses and soothes them. You'll feel completely refreshed after showering.

Weed Hangover Cures - 5. Get Out

hanging out with friend helps with weed hangover

Talking with your friends is a great way to get your brain churning after you've slowed it down. Conversation uses several parts of your brain and will easily get your neural activity up!

Crave Case from White Castle may be the iconic stoner meal, but it's not going to help your weed hangover.

If you want to prevent a marijuana hangover, make sure to stay hydrated and eat properlyduring your weed adventures. Avoid that Crave Case!

However, next time you do find yourself waking up with a dry mouth and headache, try one of these methods to cure your weed hangover! 

Our Final Words...

In case you haven't heard of it, weed hangovers are actually quite the common phenomenon.

Symptoms of weed hangover include cottonmouth, headache, and brain fog. Hangovers from weed can even last up to 2 days with difficulty thinking, increased anxiety, and a headache.

Some sources blame indica strains of marijuana for hangover effects.

Surprisingly, there's some dispute over the existence of a weed hangover. TheWeedBlog argues that it's just waking up “still high.”

That means you're still feeling the effects of marijuana from the night before.

Well, scientists don't agree.

A study from the National Institute of Health examined 13 men smoking marijuana and tested them for hangover symptoms.

They uncovered hangover effects that were remarkably different from active marijuana effects.

Cannabis connoisseurs discuss the smoking experience and side effects on forums, like

Some chuck the hangover up to the strain of bud, pointing to Indica or Indica-dominant strains.

Others argue that tolerance is to blame for a marijuana hangover. However, pot veterans report hangover symptoms.

Regardless of the cause for a weed hangover, don't let 4/20 ruin your work week!

Use these practical cures for your weed hangover this April 21st!

Disclaimer: AlternaScript LLC. does not endorse the illegal use of marijuana.