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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Memory Amazing

Have you ever wanted the power to remember things better?

Phone numbers, names, details.... Scoring better on tests...

Being able to look at a map once and instantly know driving directions without using GPS?

These are things you can master with just a few powerful techniques and tools. (Like OptiMind for instance.)

As an entrepreneur, student, or professional, having a super-powered memory can make it easier to excel in everything you do. Here are some techniques you can use to sharpen your memory and even improve your intelligence.

1. Stay Alert

Most of the time, people “forget” because they were never paying attention in the first place. When you walk through the world, take notice of things you see and people you pass. What color jacket is that man wearing in front of you? How many streets do you pass in between the highway and your home? Do you know the street names? Simply paying attention activates your brain differently and you start noticing and remembering details effortlessly.

2. Associate

Your brain retains details by processing them. That means that any face, name, or concept you play with in your mind becomes embedded in your memory. The easiest way to do this is to use rhyme or visualization, or both. So, suppose you meet a man named Matt. You might visualize him as a mat on the floor. You might visualize him as “Matt the Cat” (or think of him as “Matt the Brat” if he’s obnoxious). Either way, you have now “processed” him in your brain in such a way that you’ll remember his name for a long time to come.

3. Slow It Down

While your brain can hold a tremendous amount of information, it can only focus on very little at once. That’s why relaxing is so helpful for memory. Just calm your chattering mind and let yourself be in the moment. When you’re in the moment without your own thought dialogue, you can take notice of things around you and it becomes much easier to cement the details into your mind.

There’s one more way to improve your memory and that’s with the power of Nootropics. By taking something like OptiMind, you feed your brain with special nutrients that can help you focus on what’s in front of you and retain information to remember later.

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